Yarra Night

Dec 30, 2015

This was my first time using a Sony app with the camera. One of the advantages of the mirrorless system is that apps are available to do various tasks like being a camera remote like I used mine for. The reason a wireless remote option is so good is that the settings on the camera can be changed and a photo can be taken without touching the camera. This means that when I try to align the images in post they will be perfect as I haven’t accidentally moved the camera trying to touch one of the physical dials or buttons. I also get a preview on my phone screen although it is low resolution. One gotcha is that the app defaults to shooting in jpg mode. That was ok for these shots but I would not like to shoot that way in the future. Thankfully this has been remedied. One note is that I’m deleting the previous post from a similar angle and merging it with this post as I feel I shot it a lot better this time. The first attempt was my first time using the Sony so I made some mistakes.
Yarra by the night

Melbourne by the Yarra river


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