Noojee Trestle Bridge

Dec 24, 2014

Another drive in Victoria leads me here. Had some fun with the post processing.
Noojee Trestle Bridge

Twelve Apostles

Dec 23, 2014

Another shoot that didn’t work out as planned. I wanted to shoot the other way but it was way too dull. This side was a little better. This is 3 images stitched together for the extra detail and resolution. This will print really large if required. Just a note for other photographers: haze surrounded the entire shore and made for a washed out image. To combat this, use a circular polariser for extra clarity. The mist in the back still remains but the picture is much clearer and the water looks even better.
The 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

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Olivers Hill Jetty

Dec 22, 2014

This was taken with a long exposure after sunset. The sunset to the left was actually spectacular but I seem to be attracted to the symmetry of piers. Took a long time for the people on the end of the pier to move. Luckily I kept shooting.
Olivers Hill Jetty

Blairgowrie Arch

Dec 21, 2014

I couldn’t find the arch I wanted to photograph so I had to shoot this one instead.
Blairgowrie Arch

Ard and Alni get married

Nov 20, 2014

What a gorgeous wedding to attend. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Ard and Alni for their engagement photoshoot in May and now I’ve been lucky enough to come to their wedding day. Fortunately the wedding was a little dryer than the engagement shoot. From the look on Ard’s face when Alni entered the church, to the Persian knife dance, to the bouquet toss, this wedding was so much fun. Of course, this couple were also great to get along with and I can see them being happy with each other for many years to come. Congratulations Ard and Alni!
Also as a side note I’ve released the new version (3.0) of my website with a new css3 front page and borderless images. Makes everything look a bit nicer I think.
Ard and Alni get married at the yarra valley lodge
Ard and Alni get married at the yarra valley lodge

The Yve

Oct 18, 2014

Taken for a work project. Loving the 16-35 f4.
The Yve, architecture photography

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Pulpit Rock Cape Schanck

Oct 04, 2014

A year ago when I went to Pulpit Rock the weather was horrible. Rain made it difficult to get to the rocks and made the experience unpleasant. The only thing going my way that time was that I was the only one there. This time people crowded the walkways making it difficult to get down there quickly. There were other photographers there as well. I am always interested to watch other photographers to see what they do. You can pick up a lot about them by studying the way they set up for a shoot and their thought process (or sometimes lack of). But that’s what I like about photography. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, anyone can do it and hopefully enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time.
Also I’ve finally ditched flash and gone with a html/javascript based gallery. I held on to flash for so long because it was so convenient to upload from lightroom and all the html5 type galleries I found (including lightroom) were terrible. I finally found one that didn’t annoy me so much.
Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck at sunset

Beer Photography

Aug 10, 2014

First attempt at product photography. I coated the bottle with 3 coats of crystal clear satin paint. 1 hour is needed to let each coat dry before applying another coat. I then sprayed on a mixture of roughly 50/50 glycerine and water. For the settings I used a 800w flash through an umbrella (off to camera right and behind the product) and put a scrim in front of the umbrella to diffuse the light even further. Then I had an octobox behind the camera (slightly to the right) to add more detail to the labels. Then I placed a gold sheet behind the product. I also used a circular polariser to remove glare from parts of the bottle.
Below you can see the before and after comparisons from straight out of camera to the finished shot. The idea was to have some fun in photoshop and sharpen my retouching skills.

Nick and Kat get married at Butleigh Wootton

Jun 14, 2014

What a beautiful wedding. Nick and Kat got married on the 24th of May 2014 at Butleigh Wootton in Kew. Let me tell you that this couple are so amazing. You could feel the love and joy at this wedding. Both the bride and groom were relaxed all day. It made for a great atmosphere and some great photos. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Keillor!
Nick and Kat at Butleigh Wootton
Nick and Kat at Butleigh Wootton
Here is the link to the gallery Nick and Kat Wedding Gallery

Gear updates

May 29, 2014

So I shot Nick and Kat’s wedding on Saturday with the help of Justin. I wish I could show the images I’ve already edited but my policy is that the bride and groom get to see the images before anyone else does. I’m very pleased with the images and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I tried out a few new things including the blackrapid double. I have to say that it worked very well for the wedding enabling me to carry 2 cameras/lenses which helped me to get shots I never would’ve shot otherwise. This was also the first real run for the 24-70 and 100 macro. They were both fantastic and seeing the sharpness of the 24-70 has convinced me to place a pre-order for the new 16-35 f4 and to sell my current 17-40.
The wedding images will be up within a few weeks so I look forward to updating everyone then.

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