Marriners Falls

Mar 01, 2015

This waterfall is amazing. The whole surroundings look like something from Jurassic Park. The falls have technically been closed for quite some time but getting there is no issue at all. There are a couple of trees in the way and a couple of streams to cross but all in all it is quite easy to access so don’t worry about the signs saying that the waterfalls are closed.
Sorry about the large file size. The usual method just isn’t cutting it. I used a technique called focus stacking that made every part of the image look sharp. Unfortunately that means larger file sizes as well.
Marriners Waterfall near Apollo Bay

Milky Way

Feb 24, 2015

The night was so amazing. I think my camera isn’t good enough at this stage to take great milky way shots. I need something with less dark current noise. This was taken with my new Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens. Settings: ISO 4000, 30 secs, f2.8, custom wb of about 3700. Had to move quickly at the end of the shoot as the tide started to come in quite violently. It was quite difficult to focus in this scenario. Live view didn’t help at all. I had to take images and adjust the focus manually. Luckily this is easier on a Samyang than a lens that is primarily designed for autofocus like my 35 1.4.

Gibson Steps

Feb 23, 2015

The sunset was amazing. I’d gone out here to try some astro landscapes but with the rain coming down I figured it was a wasted trip. Saw the sign for Gibson Steps and thought why not. I’d always shot the 12 Apostles from the main viewing area and had always wanted to try Gibsons Steps. Had a guy stand right in front of me whilst I was trying to take the shot. Couldn’t believe it. So I had to re-compose. Fortunately I think the shot didn’t suffer from this.
Gibson Steps, 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

The Eagle’s Nest

Feb 07, 2015

Got the Samyang 14mm 2.8 yesterday. Hoping to do some astrophotography with it soon. This image however was shot with the 16-35 f4.
The Eagle's Nest, Inverloch

Wilsons Prom

Feb 01, 2015

Mt Oberon at Wilsons Prom. I think of it as Oberoth, A villain in Stargate Atlantis. Defeating this nemesis was worth it.
Wilsons Prom from Mt Oberon

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Eureka Skydeck at Sunrise

Jan 29, 2015

Woke up early to watch the sun rise at Eureka Skydeck. It was well worth getting up to see this sight. Just a note that I’m now using an Arca Swiss ballhead and RRS L bracket and nodal slide now for my camera.
View of Melbourne from Eureka Skydeck at sunrise

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Higher learning

Jan 24, 2015

State library of Victoria

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Serenade in Blue

Jan 23, 2015

I helped Mel to create the artwork for her new album Serenade in Blue. This was taken using a 3 light set up with a Joel Grimes beauty type of feel. Her album is now finally released and available for purchase.
Mel Searle - Serenade in Blue

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Lysterfield Lake

Jan 03, 2015

I found myself silent here. Deaf to the natural condition. The air here only filled with memory and regret. These gulls perched on the past. The moon that watched over the lake, frozen still. On the horizon lay the last light of the day. The sun once ablaze avoids my gaze, a violaceous sky now a vestige of a time that seems long ago now. Would my soul linger in this time, forgetting past indiscretions and trials? How I long to move forward, bidding farewell to this shoreline, to surface beyond my fear.
Still I wait here, rest my weary eyes and hope for a brighter future. Yet I remain bound to this godforsaken shoreline. Its tranquility lures me once more. The calm deep offers a torment only Tantalus himself would understand. Beauty and sorrow. Pain and awe.
Lysterfield Lake

Melbourne City at night

Dec 28, 2014

Multiple long exposures blended together
Melbourne City

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