Model shoot with Farshad

Sep 23, 2015

First time using the a7r2 on a proper shoot. I’m mostly impressed but also very unimpressed with other aspects of the camera. Shot using the “holy trinity”, the 35L, 85L and the 135L. It’s good to be able to use the 85L again. It does better on the a7r2 than my Canon bodies. Both the 35 and 135 focus better on any Canon body. Hopefully firmware will fix that. Also the camera kept locking up for about 10 seconds or more at a time. Extremely frustrating.
On a more positive note it was fantastic to work with Farshad. We had been talking about doing a shoot for ages. I felt that we were both collaborating well together. Hopefully the results are worth the effort. I also tried a night shot for the fun of it. I think the a7r2 does well at iso 2000.
Men's fashion shoot in Melbourne


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Benjamin Perrin
Melbourne, Australia