Lysterfield Lake

Jan 03, 2015

I found myself silent here. Deaf to the natural condition. The air here only filled with memory and regret. These gulls perched on the past. The moon that watched over the lake, frozen still. On the horizon lay the last light of the day. The sun once ablaze avoids my gaze, a violaceous sky now a vestige of a time that seems long ago now. Would my soul linger in this time, forgetting past indiscretions and trials? How I long to move forward, bidding farewell to this shoreline, to surface beyond my fear.
Still I wait here, rest my weary eyes and hope for a brighter future. Yet I remain bound to this godforsaken shoreline. Its tranquility lures me once more. The calm deep offers a torment only Tantalus himself would understand. Beauty and sorrow. Pain and awe.
Lysterfield Lake


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Benjamin Perrin
Melbourne, Australia