Safety Beach Boat Ramp at Sunrise

Jan 09, 2017

Had to get up early for this one. It was worth it. I love jetty type shots with nice calm water. It is serenity to me (long live the browncoats!). For this one I got to try out my new Formatt Hitech Firecrest 7 stop ND Filter. I love it. I think I’m going with the Firecrest series from now on rather than b+w. B+w are great but Formatt Hitech have some amazing products.
Safety Beach Boat Ramp At Sunrise

Pyramid Rock

Jan 13, 2016

Pyramid Rock, Victoria, Australia


Jan 09, 2016


Safety Beach and 500px

Jan 05, 2016

I’m finally on 500px. I’ve also updated the front page of the website. I wasn’t going to go out tonight but I’m so glad that I did. The weather looked terrible but we got a nice red sky over the water. The boat ramp was busy most of the time with some kids being really annoying. Once they finally left I was able to capture this image.
Safety Beach, Victoria, Australia

Elementi dei Santi

Jan 02, 2016

An amazing sunset with a fiery sky and mist on a surreal day. My last image taken for the year.
Twelve Apostles

Gibson Steps

Feb 23, 2015

The sunset was amazing. I’d gone out here to try some astro landscapes but with the rain coming down I figured it was a wasted trip. Saw the sign for Gibson Steps and thought why not. I’d always shot the 12 Apostles from the main viewing area and had always wanted to try Gibsons Steps. Had a guy stand right in front of me whilst I was trying to take the shot. Couldn’t believe it. So I had to re-compose. Fortunately I think the shot didn’t suffer from this.
Gibson Steps, 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

Lysterfield Lake

Jan 03, 2015

I found myself silent here. Deaf to the natural condition. The air here only filled with memory and regret. These gulls perched on the past. The moon that watched over the lake, frozen still. On the horizon lay the last light of the day. The sun once ablaze avoids my gaze, a violaceous sky now a vestige of a time that seems long ago now. Would my soul linger in this time, forgetting past indiscretions and trials? How I long to move forward, bidding farewell to this shoreline, to surface beyond my fear.
Still I wait here, rest my weary eyes and hope for a brighter future. Yet I remain bound to this godforsaken shoreline. Its tranquility lures me once more. The calm deep offers a torment only Tantalus himself would understand. Beauty and sorrow. Pain and awe.
Lysterfield Lake

Twelve Apostles

Dec 23, 2014

Another shoot that didn’t work out as planned. I wanted to shoot the other way but it was way too dull. This side was a little better. This is 3 images stitched together for the extra detail and resolution. This will print really large if required. Just a note for other photographers: haze surrounded the entire shore and made for a washed out image. To combat this, use a circular polariser for extra clarity. The mist in the back still remains but the picture is much clearer and the water looks even better.
The 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

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Olivers Hill Jetty

Dec 22, 2014

This was taken with a long exposure after sunset. The sunset to the left was actually spectacular but I seem to be attracted to the symmetry of piers. Took a long time for the people on the end of the pier to move. Luckily I kept shooting.
Olivers Hill Jetty

Blairgowrie Arch

Dec 21, 2014

I couldn’t find the arch I wanted to photograph so I had to shoot this one instead.
Blairgowrie Arch

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