1000 Steps

Aug 18, 2012

In the hopes of getting a little bit fitter myself, Greg and Chungy ended up doing the 1000 steps today. I really don’t think that there was 1000 of them though.

A long drive in Victoria

Aug 12, 2012

So yesterday was one of those days that I decided I needed to do more exercise. Greg an I set out from Melbourne and we made our way up the Great Ocean Rd. The idea was to go on some walks to get my fitness up, see some of Australia and also to keep practising photography. We made our way up Skenes Creek Rd all the way to Beech Forest. Along the way we tried to stop at some waterfalls. I didn’t take any photos when we arrived at Erskine Falls however I did use it as an opportunity to use my glidecam hd 2000. Before we got to Beech Forest we tried to go to Beauchamp Falls which was near Hopetoun Falls. However the falls were closed due to falling trees and an eroding track.

Triplet Falls
We decided to have lunch and then stop in Beech Forest for a coffee. The view from the cafe was magnificent. So then we headed to Triplet Falls and decided to brave the rain (above). The walk was well worth it and amazingly there were quite a few people around despite the rain. People were polite and I talked gear with a couple of photographers there at the same time. I decided to try something different and not shoot the waterfalls but rather other parts of nature. I was enjoying the way the trees of the forest had been overrun with fungi and moss. Multiple people stopped to ask me just what I was taking a photo of (below). Oh, and I was using my 1DmkIII as Greg was using the 5DmkII.

We then headed to Maits Rest which was on the Great Ocean Road. Maits Rest was actually an interesting looking tree. This short walk concluded the walking side of our adventure. My Camera was soaked by this point. After we got home we realised the trip took us 590km.

Tip: When shooting landscape the best investment you can make (after a good tripod and lens) is a circular polarizing filter. This increases contrast and cuts the light from one direction. This is key when shooting trees and removing reflections. Also try using a long shutter speed when shooting flowing water. Images here ranged from 2 – 30 seconds in length. This is where a good tripod is a must. It is also better to use a 2 second self timer or remote to remove any vibrations when pressing the shutter button.

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Phillip Island

Feb 13, 2012

Phillip Island

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New Zealand!

Jan 13, 2012
Sunrise at Lake Tekapo

Sunrise at Tekapo

Found some pics I haven’t edited yet

Dec 28, 2010

Seems as if there is still so many pics that I haven’t yet edited. Hopefully I will get around to it soon (yeah right…). Doing some family shots for my sister tomorrow at Lillydale Lake. Also a site redesign that I have been working on for a while is coming soon. Stay tuned…

Hluhluwe sunrise
Game drive

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New Zealand

Oct 30, 2009

New Zealand was amazing! Here are just a couple of shots from the trip.

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Jul 15, 2009

Sunrise in Hluhluwe
Back from the missions trip to Africa. Check out this page for the full detail.

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Drive at Mt Dandenong

Aug 27, 2008

Just a quick drive out near mt. dandenong for this one. I plan to go back to some of the surrounding areas to take some sunrise shots.

Drive at Mt Dandenong

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