Yarra Night

Dec 30, 2015

This was my first time using a Sony app with the camera. One of the advantages of the mirrorless system is that apps are available to do various tasks like being a camera remote like I used mine for. The reason a wireless remote option is so good is that the settings on the camera can be changed and a photo can be taken without touching the camera. This means that when I try to align the images in post they will be perfect as I haven’t accidentally moved the camera trying to touch one of the physical dials or buttons. I also get a preview on my phone screen although it is low resolution. One gotcha is that the app defaults to shooting in jpg mode. That was ok for these shots but I would not like to shoot that way in the future. Thankfully this has been remedied. One note is that I’m deleting the previous post from a similar angle and merging it with this post as I feel I shot it a lot better this time. The first attempt was my first time using the Sony so I made some mistakes.
Yarra by the night

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New A7Rii

Sep 13, 2015

Just bought a Sony a7r2. This is a 42 megapixel camera that is able to take my Canon lenses with the help of an adapter. Here are my thoughts so far.
Higher resolution
Lower noise
Higher dynamic range
Tilt screen
In body image stabilisation
In body level
Preview of things like white balance
Silent shooting mode
4k video
Good amount of custom buttons
Electronic first curtain sync
Wireless and ability to add apps
Discount on purchase of Capture One Pro
Terrible battery life
Less reliable autofocus
Have to use an adapter
Lack of dual card slots
Compressed Raw
Even worse compression when using silent shutter/bulb mode
Overheats in 4k video mode
Seems to gather way more dust than any dslr I’ve used
Needs to be turned off constantly and is slower to turn on than a dslr
USB 2.0
After finally taking it on a proper shoot. I’d already done some testing and concluded that the commlite adapter I’d bought for it was rubbish. Had to pay for a metabones which so far has been much better but way more expensive. I was weighing up between this and the 5dsr. In the end it was a tie between the 2 cameras. I almost didn’t purchase this camera because of the idiotic reviews by certain Sony “Artisans”. I’ve never seen such over the top biased views in my life. I leaned towards this camera only so that I could try something new and push my boundaries further. Taking it out on my first shoot I realise how clumsy I am with this camera. This is not a complaint about the camera but I’d been so used to shooting Canon that I had to re-learn how to shoot. I have absolutely no problem with learning something new if it has a benefit. I’m one of the few that preferred windows 8 over 7. Yes, it takes 5 minutes to get used to the new system but once you do you realise that it’s faster.
I noticed a level of dust and dirt that I’ve never ever seen before on my dslrs and that’s only after owning it for a couple of weeks. I think it’s clean now but it almost ruined my shots. I think the image quality is excellent on this new camera based on my first few shots. Seeing the image on the back of the lcd changes the way I approach a shoot but for the better I think. Focussing whilst on a tripod is just as simple as a dslr so that is quite easy. Extending my tripod up to it’s maximum level is also easy since I don’t have to look through the viewfinder any more. The camera seems to give an accurate estimation of exposure. All in all it seems a winner for landscapes. I’ll post more thoughts soon.

Marriners Falls

Mar 01, 2015

This waterfall is amazing. The whole surroundings look like something from Jurassic Park. The falls have technically been closed for quite some time but getting there is no issue at all. There are a couple of trees in the way and a couple of streams to cross but all in all it is quite easy to access so don’t worry about the signs saying that the waterfalls are closed.
Sorry about the large file size. The usual method just isn’t cutting it. I used a technique called focus stacking that made every part of the image look sharp. Unfortunately that means larger file sizes as well.
Marriners Waterfall near Apollo Bay

Milky Way

Feb 24, 2015

The night was so amazing. I think my camera isn’t good enough at this stage to take great milky way shots. I need something with less dark current noise. This was taken with my new Samyang 14mm 2.8 lens. Settings: ISO 4000, 30 secs, f2.8, custom wb of about 3700. Had to move quickly at the end of the shoot as the tide started to come in quite violently. It was quite difficult to focus in this scenario. Live view didn’t help at all. I had to take images and adjust the focus manually. Luckily this is easier on a Samyang than a lens that is primarily designed for autofocus like my 35 1.4.

Gibson Steps

Feb 23, 2015

The sunset was amazing. I’d gone out here to try some astro landscapes but with the rain coming down I figured it was a wasted trip. Saw the sign for Gibson Steps and thought why not. I’d always shot the 12 Apostles from the main viewing area and had always wanted to try Gibsons Steps. Had a guy stand right in front of me whilst I was trying to take the shot. Couldn’t believe it. So I had to re-compose. Fortunately I think the shot didn’t suffer from this.
Gibson Steps, 12 Apostles, Victoria, Australia

The Eagle’s Nest

Feb 07, 2015

Got the Samyang 14mm 2.8 yesterday. Hoping to do some astrophotography with it soon. This image however was shot with the 16-35 f4.
The Eagle's Nest, Inverloch

Wilsons Prom

Feb 01, 2015

Mt Oberon at Wilsons Prom. I think of it as Oberoth, A villain in Stargate Atlantis. Defeating this nemesis was worth it.
Wilsons Prom from Mt Oberon

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Eureka Skydeck at Sunrise

Jan 29, 2015

Woke up early to watch the sun rise at Eureka Skydeck. It was well worth getting up to see this sight. Just a note that I’m now using an Arca Swiss ballhead and RRS L bracket and nodal slide now for my camera.
View of Melbourne from Eureka Skydeck at sunrise

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Melbourne City at night

Dec 28, 2014

Multiple long exposures blended together
Melbourne City

Noojee Trestle Bridge

Dec 24, 2014

Another drive in Victoria leads me here. Had some fun with the post processing.
Noojee Trestle Bridge

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