Ard and Alni get married

Nov 20, 2014

What a gorgeous wedding to attend. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Ard and Alni for their engagement photoshoot in May and now I’ve been lucky enough to come to their wedding day. Fortunately the wedding was a little dryer than the engagement shoot. From the look on Ard’s face when Alni entered the church, to the Persian knife dance, to the bouquet toss, this wedding was so much fun. Of course, this couple were also great to get along with and I can see them being happy with each other for many years to come. Congratulations Ard and Alni!
Also as a side note I’ve released the new version (3.0) of my website with a new css3 front page and borderless images. Makes everything look a bit nicer I think.
Ard and Alni get married at the yarra valley lodge
Ard and Alni get married at the yarra valley lodge


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